Our Services

Creative Advertising Concepts

Cosmo Agency provides creative advertising ideas, identities, messages, brand-to-consumer interaction, neuromarketing, media planning, media buying, and campaign execution through our full range of out-of-home and alternative media channels:

Brand Identity Design & Development

Whether you require a completely new logo or wish to update your existing logo as part of a re-brand, Cosmo Agency can conceive and develop a distinctive, effective, and professional logo that will create the right impression and expectation in the minds of your target audience.  In addition, we can use emotive analytics to test your brand’s logo, tag line, messages, or commercials. Inside our lab we use the latest neuro-technologies to measure consumer engagement, memory retention, and purchase intent.

Brand Management

We see ourselves as the guardians of our clients’ brands and provide the knowledge, skills, and experience beyond those of a designer, printer, or media agent to ensure your logo and brand identity is managed consistently and professionally. At Cosmo Agency, brand management focuses on protecting your  brand’s value from being eroded by use of inferior quality logo and brand identity messages, inaccurate rendering, tampering, omissions, poor placement, unwanted associations and loss. Our Brand Management services extend to management of your print and media suppliers and crosses over into marketing planning, marketing strategy and media placement.

Graphic Design

Cosmo Agency has industry leading  graphic designers experienced and skilled in the design of a full range of print and electronic documents and media files: digital commercials, 3D commercials and animation, websites, corporate logos, corporate stationery, magazine design and publishing, newspaper advertisements, Yellow Pages advertisements, billboards, street posters, brochures, fliers, annual reports, website banners, Flash animations, HTML email templates, point of sale displays, packaging, vehicle signage, building signage, interior signage, window slicks, promotional products, uniforms,  & street wear.

Neuro-Marketing Technologies

Through strategic alliances with developers of patented technologies, Cosmo Agency can integrate the latest brand-to-consumer technology with a media channel to evoke emotions in the target customer.  When consumers are engaged emotionally, it improves memory retention and recall, along with intent to buy!  Forget experiential marketing.  This is emotive marketing!  Neuroscientists will tell you emotions change behaviors.You will experience a measurable lift in sales through our technology offerings which include:

  • Touch screens at the Playboy Mansion and other prominent nightclubs and bars that offer virtual drink orders, social media, communication/flirting with other tables, and virtual spin-the-bottle. (Think Tom Cruise in Minority Report.  Yeah.  That technology.) TouchLife tables and iWalls powered by TouchTaste Technologies.
  • 3D commercials, displays, product demonstrations with or without 3D glasses depending on the media channel.
  • SMS and Mobile Technology. (Cell phones now have the reach of television) Campaigns can include:  Text-to-win, text-to-vote, text-for-details, text-for-rewards, text-for-alerts, mobile bar codes for coupons and discounts. Send specific brand information directly to consumers and identify potential customers. The ideas are endless.
  • Snap Tags that offer consumers with any cell phone the opportunity to connect one-on-one with a brand.

Emotive Analytics

Our research partner EMOTIVE ANALYTICS is a consumer research company that uses specialized techniques to find the evident and hidden emotions that move people to buy your products and services.

Recent research in neuroscience and psychology shows that emotions drive behavior, including consumer behavior. Research also tells us that emotions are often “hidden” – they operate unconsciously or are consciously guarded. Because of this, special “implicit” techniques are needed to effectively assess the emotions that are driving your targeted consumers’ behavior. We specialize in these techniques so that our clients can ultimately develop the most emotionally-engaging brands, products, services, and their marketing.

Social Media and Networks

Cosmo Agency can build and maintain a social network for your brand that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging, and scores of other social online channels.  A dedicated social media pro will interact with your fans, friends, customers, clients, and subscribers while building your online brand.


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